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Coke cleaning of vacuum furnace in a petrochemical company of Sinopec

Release time:2017-05-27Author:Click:1913

A pressure relief device 2# Sinopec Petrochemical Co. Ltd used since the vote not for furnace tube decoking, furnace pipe wall coking phenomenon, reduce the heat efficiency of the heating furnace, increasing net exports drop, especially from the 2012 shutdown purge situation, two vacuum furnace feed line plug is particularly serious, significant pressure drop than the other three the road to more than 1 times, to ensure that the next production cycle can be opened for three years, for furnace tube decoking.

The company's pressure relief devices are divided into 4 rows of furnace tube, wherein the radiation chamber of each row (diameter * wall thickness 141 8mm * 9 13.8m length, total root (diameter 168); * * 8mm wall thickness length 13.7m, a total of 1); 219 (diameter * wall thickness length 10mm * 13.5m a total of 1, root (diameter); 273 x wall thickness 12mm * 13.4m length, total: 2); (325 diameter * wall thickness 12mm * 15.4m length, total: 1).

Cleanpipe company from May 8, 2012 into the factory learning, the end of May 12th all tube mechanical decoking work site smoothly, coke cleaning results meet the requirements of manufacturers.