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Imported coke cleaning Pig ball and its function

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Our company has imported all the foreign coke balls. In the process of heating the furnace tube cleaning, we will determine the appropriate size of the coke cleaning Pig according to the measurement of Pig. In the process of coke cleaning, different sizes of clear coke balls are gradually selected to ensure that the inner walls of the furnace tubes are thoroughly cleaned.

Foam Pig:

Put in Foam Pig to measure the minimum inner diameter of the furnace tube, detect the path obstacles in the furnace tube, and ensure the coke cleaning.



Schematic diagram of cleaning ball Pig in furnace tube




Cleaning of furnace pipe elbow:

The clear ball Pig can smoothly pass through all kinds of elbow, such as the U type elbow in the picture.



The burnt ball was damaged after use



The contrast and contrast of the burnt ball before and after use