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Coke cleaning of No. 2 catalytic cracking unit of five unit of Sinopec

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 一、Client device overview

  The coke cleaning project of No. five Catalytic Cracking Unit No. 2 of China Petroleum Chemical Co Co., Ltd. needs to be cleaned up due to the serious coking of the internal pipeline. Coke cleaning object is at the top of the tower to the fractionation of oil gas line.

  二、Coking condition

  (1)Oil and gas line coking is serious, in which the most serious coking site is 12 floor manholes to 6 building elbow.

  (2)The coking of the pipeline is very serious, so a large number of cokes are removed (attached pictures).

  (3)The maximum coking thickness is about 10CM and the average coking is about 7CM.

  (4)Coke is very hard and very rare, so the time has been extended.

  三、Clear focus


  四、Coke cleaning summary:

  The cleaning of the pipeline is relatively smooth, and the expected cleaning effect has been achieved after cleaning.