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Coke cleaning in coke plant of PetroChina Petrochemical Industries Co refinery

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一、 Client device overview

  Coking plant of refinery of PetroChina Petrochemical Industries Co. Coke cleaning object is 1 million 200 thousand tons / year coking unit of oil and gas pipeline. The top of the coke tower to the 2 layer platform three oil gas line specifications for 630X2 group X60m, a total of 120m.

  二、Coking condition

  (1)1 million 200 thousand tons of oil and gas pipeline coking is very serious, the maximum thickness of more than 10 centimeters, the local coke thickness of more than 25 centimeters. The 2 oil and gas lines are thickest, located at the top of the oil and gas line, second elbows, and the oil and gas line outlet pipe is seriously coking.

  (2)According to field construction, the coking thickness of the oil and gas line on the west side of the 1 million 200 thousand tons is slightly more serious than that on the East side.

  (3)1 million 200 thousand oil gas line coking standpipe is very serious, the standpipe coke after cleaning out falls on the 13 floor of the platform, bring great difficulty to the coke exhaust, so spent a lot of time.

  三、Cleaning scene pictures

  1 million 200 thousand coking of oil and gas lines

  Clear out the coke block


  四、Coke cleaning summary:

  The cleaning of the pipeline is relatively smooth, and the expected cleaning effect has been achieved after cleaning.